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September 19, 2020 3 min read

Find out about the sustainable brands in our gift hampers!

Our organic gift hampers are perfect for anyone and any occasion; they are loved by everyone who gifts or receives one. Great for Christmas gifts, Mother's Day gifts, Father's Day gifts, Birthday gifts, New Baby Gifts, House Warming gifts and so much more.

You'll find these planet-friendly brands in our gift hampers because they're the ones we love. They're the brands we know everybody will love. They've passed our fussy criteria; they're Australian-owned, sustainably and responsibly made, and they're better for us and the planet.

These great earth-friendly brands are making it easier for all of us to make better choices, and now you can help spread the word by giving thoughtfully and responsibly.

There are so many we've had to split this fantastic brand blog into a five-part series!

Welcome to Part 3!

Loving Earth

Loving Earth is an ethically driven company that believes food is sacred. They make healthy indulgence in a way that is good for the planet. Their chocolate is plant-based and certified organic. There are no numbers or preservatives, only real whole food. Their chocolate wrappers are plant-based and entirely compostable, and the ink used on these wrappers is non-toxic. Their chocolate boxes and Buckini boxes are post-consumer fibre with vegetable-based inks rather than the chemical stuff. Even the Buckini bags are plant-based and compostable. The cans they use for some products are made using recycled paper, and the jars used for other products are recyclable or reusable. They employ sustainable principles throughout their entire business and all their products are made with love in Melbourne.

Find this delicious organic chocolate in our Crazy About Chocolate and All Organic gift hampers. You can also add them to any of gift hampers or build your own gift hamper!

Maud n Lil

Maud N Lil Organic Cotton is an Australian based design company specialising in luxury certified organic cotton baby products. Their focus on organic cotton evolved as they realised the influence and damage of this important and versatile crop. They believe there is a real need to provide well-designed products made from sustainable both locally in Australia and internationally. They're passionate about sustainability and organic farming. They believe that we do not inherit the Earth from our forefathers, but instead, we are borrowing it from our grandchildren.

Find these gorgeous organic baby toys in our Just for Baby and For Mum and Baby organic gift hampers. You can also add them to any of our gift hampers or build your own new baby gift box.

Mojo Candles

Mojo Candle Co. was born from a love of luxurious design combined with a passion for the planet. Mojo believes that style doesn't have to be sacrificed to live a sustainable life. Their candles are sustainably luxe, planet-friendly and handcrafted in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales in Australia. The vessels are hand-cut from reclaimed wine and beer bottles, filled with natural soy wax and topped with a sustainable cork stopper. They've partnered with their local restaurants, bars and pubs to collect their old beer & wine bottles so they can transform them into something beautiful. Their process is simple and artisanal, ensuring that every candle is wonderfully unique.

Find these luxurious candles in our Just for Her and The Man gift hampers. You can also add them to any of our curated gift hampers or build your own hamper.


Notely create simple, beautiful, sustainable stationery to help you create your best work. Their notebooks are eco-friendly and made entirely from environmentally responsible sources and printed on FSC certified paper using FSC certified printing methods.  Their paper is 100% carbon neutral and created using a completely chlorine-free process. Their products are thoughtfully designed and printed in Australia, and each notebook presents in minimal packaging that helps ensure their footprint is as light as possible.

Find these sustainable notebooks in our Travel Bug and Joy in the Garden gift hampers. You can also add them to any of our gift hampers or build your own gift box.


NueBar makes a range of pH balanced soap-free bars for the hair, face and body. Handmade in Australia, their bars are formulated naturopathically to be low tox, chemical-free, ethical, and environmentally responsible. The bars are concentrated and perform equally well as plastic bottled products while minimising the impact on our environment. One NueBar replaces at least two plastic bottles, that's 80-90 washes. NueBar is vegan, palm oil-free, and cruelty-free. The bars contain no SLS, SLES, parabens, silicones, petroleum by-products or artificial fragrances.  The packaging is recycled and recyclable cardboard printed in Australia with soy inks and of course, plastic-free.

Find these nourishing soaps in our Travel Bug and The Man gift hampers. You can also add them to any of our gift hampers or create your own gift hamper.


Give thoughtfully, consciously and sustainably, and put a smile on everybody and anybody’s face.