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Environmentally Friendly Brands

Discover the Australian eco brands in our gift hampers!

You'll find these brands in our gift boxes because they're the ones we love. They're the brands we know everybody will love. They've passed our fussy criteria; they're Australian owned, sustainably and responsibly made, and they're better for us and the planet.

These incredible Aussie sustainable brands are making it easier for all of us to make better choices, and now you can help spread the word by giving thoughtfully and responsibly because together, we can make a difference.

2DIE4 Live Foods

2Die4 began in a small kitchen in the heart of Byron Bay in 2004 and is the world's first commercial nut activation operation. Their product range includes nutritious muesli blends, cacao snacks, a hemp range, and a delicious variety of activated nut mixes. Their activated products are created at their state-of-the-art facility, using bespoke methods based on ancient traditions. The nuts and seeds are long soaked in salt water and then slowly dehydrated at low temperatures in their highly efficient dehydrators. Their warehouse uses solar technology to provide over 50% of their electricity needs. Their products are certified organic, premium quality, and sourced from Australian organic growers wherever possible. 2Die4 continually strives to reduce its carbon footprint, minimise waste, and encourage renewable energy. 

2DIE4 support two fantastic local community organisations. Liberation Larder Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation that provides food for those in need from grown, rescued and donated produce. They also support Meals on Wheels, which helps older people by delivering nutritious meals, social interaction and a friendly check on well-being to help people live the lives they choose. 


An Australian mother's desire to find better alternatives to plastic toys for her children led her to create Anamalz, a range of sustainable, ethical, tactile, and unique wooden and plush toys with moveable limbs. Anamalz is made from plantation beech wood, AZO dye-free fabric, water-based paint, and Japan's F4 Star glue and meets all required International Toy Testing Standards and Regulations. Anamalz offers a lifetime guarantee, and its natural appearance blends well with home décor. The company has won 15 Industry Toy Awards, including an Australian International Design Award, and has sold over 1 million toys in over 30 countries since its launch in 2006.

Bun Coffee

Byron Bay boutique specialty coffee roasters, Bun Coffee, specialise in organic coffee, fair trade coffee, rainforest alliance coffee, as well as Australian grown coffee and single-origin coffees from around the world. Over 125 million people worldwide depend on coffee for their livelihoods, and Bun Coffee is helping to improve local economies and ensure fair working conditions on the plantations and farms. From the selection of their coffee beans and tea leaves, right through to their packaging, they take environmental responsibility and sustainability seriously. All their blends are certified Organic, Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade or Australian grown beans and traceable to the origin. Although, environmentally friendly coffee packaging options have traditionally been hard, after years of searching, they are about to take delivery of their first 100% home compostable coffee bags.

Bush Flower Teas

Bush Flower Teas proudly use 100% organic and pesticide-free ingredients from all around the world. All their teas are hand-blended in South Australia, by a qualified tea master from the freshest and highest quality herbs.  They hope to inspire people to make time to appreciate the quiet moments, take care of their health, and to share great tea with great people.


Cheeki is Australian owned and was the first brand to introduce stainless steel water bottles to the Australian market. Motivated to protect our beautiful coastlines, ocean and marine life from plastic pollution, Cheeki create healthy, sustainable alternatives to disposable plastic. They envisage a refill and reuse society with healthy, non-toxic products that will last a lifetime. They believe there is no excuse for single use. Their high quality and well-designed products are ethically manufactured and have minimal, plastic-free, recyclable packaging. Their products are also FDA approved, BPA free and toxin-free. There are no inside linings and all inks are non toxic. Cheeki supports the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Lord Howe Island Marine Conservation, Surfrider Foundation Australia and Keep Australia Beautiful.

Chow Cacao

Chow Cacao appreciate the beauty and simplicity of nature and hand make their chocolate bars in Byron Bay, Australia. They use organic, fairly traded, and sustainable ingredients to create delicious raw chocolate bars. Their mission is to create delicious raw organic chocolate bars that taste like real chocolate that is also good for you, your friends, and the planet. Their chocolate bars come in eco-friendly packaging! The bag which looks like a plastic film is 100% plant-based, home-compostable and heat-sealed for more freshness and a better taste experience. The outer and inner sleeve is printed with soy ink and is 100% recyclable, and is even useable as a bookmark. 

Eco Crayons

Eco crayons are 100% plant-based making them non-toxic, vegan and biodegradable. They are handmade from 100% natural ingredients such as waxes and butter. The colour pigments come from plants, roots, seeds and flowers so you can colour the rainbow naturally.

Ever Eco

Ever Eco is passionate about making our world a better place, and their goal is to inspire people to live a healthier life while raising awareness of sustainable options that are kinder to our planet. Their philosophy is to choose well and make it last. Little changes make a big difference, with their reusable solutions that are replacing thousands of single-use products. They are continually evolving and innovating to respond to help lighten the load on our planet. They work with manufacturing partners that adhere to government laws relating to fair labour, health and safety, remuneration and working hours. Their manufacturers follow environmentally friendly practices, and they ensure the impact on our planet to produce the goods is as low as possible. Their manufacturers are also audited to check compliance with the Business Social Compliance Initiative principles.

Garden Tools Australia

Lelox (Garden Tools Australia) has been making high-quality garden tools using marine-grade aluminium alloy in their in-house foundry in Australia since the mid-1970s. They are Australian made and designed by Australians for Australians and what every gardener needs. The garden tools are lightweight, rugged, won't rust or corrode, and their ergonomic handle design ensures a comfortable and secure grip. Plus, since they're virtually indestructible, they'll last a lifetime! These tools are used and endorsed by Landcare groups throughout Australia and used in botanical gardens, local councils and government departments.

Happy Hands Happy Heart

Happy Hands Happy Heart are passionate about encouraging creative and sensory play. Their play dough is 100% safe and made with plant-based dyes and scents that promote general well being and calmness. They are committed to being as environmentally friendly as possible, and wherever possible, their products and packaging are recycled, reusable or recyclable. They even have a program to encourage the return of jars.

Honeybee Wrap

Honeybee Wrap makes reusable beeswax wraps that are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap and a fantastic food preserver. The wraps are Australian made with 100% certified organic cotton, natural Australian beeswax, organic coconut oil, tree resin and Australian jojoba oil. They donate the by-product fabric waste for recycling, and the wax is the by-product of sustainably harvested and extracted honey. Old and tired wraps can be used in worm farms or composted.  They employ locals, source local ingredients and support many schools and community projects with their green activities. 

Kitz Living Foods

Kitz Living Foods are a family-owned, eco-conscious team of food lovers who are enthusiastic about creating organic, healthy, grain-free delicious plant-based alternatives. All of their products are lovingly handmade in their kitchen in the beautiful Tweed Valley nestled between Byron Bay and the Gold Coast, located in Northern New South Wales. All of their products are free from gluten, grains, wheat, dairy, yeast, eggs, soy, peanuts, sesame, fish, shellfish, and refined sugar.
They are a green and sustainable business, their factory is powered exclusively by 100% renewable energy, and all their retail packaging is compostable. They source all ingredients locally when in season and available.

Loving Earth

Loving Earth is an ethically driven company that believes food is sacred. They make healthy indulgence in a way that is good for the planet. Their chocolate is plant-based and certified organic. There are no numbers or preservatives, only real whole food. Their chocolate wrappers are plant-based and entirely compostable, and the ink used on these wrappers is non-toxic. Their chocolate boxes and Buckini boxes are post-consumer fibre with vegetable-based inks rather than the chemical stuff. Even the Buckini bags are plant based and compostable. The cans they use for some products are made using recycled paper, and the jars used for other products are recyclable or reusable. They employ sustainable principles throughout their entire business and all their products are made with love in Melbourne.

Maud n Lil

Maud N Lil Organic Cotton is an Australian based design company specialising in luxury certified organic cotton baby products. Their focus on organic cotton evolved as they realised the influence and damage of this important and versatile crop. They believe there is a real need to provide well-designed products made from sustainable both locally in Australia and internationally. They're passionate about sustainability and organic farming. They believe that we do not inherit the Earth from our forefathers, but instead, we are borrowing it from our grandchildren. Maud n Lil are award winners of The Green Lifestyle Awards for Best Kids Product.

Mojo Candles

Mojo Candle Co. was born from a love of luxurious design combined with a passion for the planet. Mojo believes that style doesn't have to be sacrificed to live a sustainable life. Their candles are sustainably luxe, planet-friendly and handcrafted in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales in Australia. The vessels are hand-cut from reclaimed wine and beer bottles, filled with natural soy wax and topped with a sustainable cork stopper. They've partnered with their local restaurants, bars and pubs to collect their old beer & wine bottles so they can transform them into something beautiful. Their process is simple and artisanal, ensuring that every candle is wonderfully unique.


Notely create simple, beautiful, sustainable stationery to help you create your best work. Their notebooks are eco-friendly and made entirely from environmentally responsible sources and printed on FSC certified paper using FSC certified printing methods.  Their paper is 100% carbon neutral and created using a completely chlorine-free process. Their products are thoughtfully designed and printed in Australia, and each notebook presents in minimal packaging that helps ensure their footprint is as light as possible.


NueBar makes a range of pH balanced soap-free bars for the hair, face and body. Handmade in Australia, their bars are formulated naturopathically to be low tox, chemical-free, ethical, and environmentally responsible. The bars are concentrated and perform equally well as plastic bottled products while minimising the impact on our environment. One NueBar replaces at least two plastic bottles, that's 80-90 washes. NueBar is vegan, palm oil-free, and cruelty-free. The bars contain no SLS, SLES, parabens, silicones, petroleum by-products or artificial fragrances.  The packaging is recycled and recyclable cardboard printed in Australia with soy inks and of course, plastic-free.

Outback Academy Australia

The Outback Academy Australia (OAA) is an Aboriginal-led, not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to drive game-changing approaches to Aboriginal business, employment, education, health and wellbeing for First Nations Australians. In partnership with Jasper Coffee, First Nations-owned coffee Outback Academy Australia manufactures and distributes a delicious range of ethically sourced coffee blends that support First Nations-led business.
Jasper Coffee roast the coffee with love for Outback Academy Australia. Revenue from the sale of this coffee range goes to Outback Academy Australia to go toward projects regenerating Country and community through education, horticulture and agriculture.


RetroKitchen is an Australian owned family business that designs and creates timeless homewares for the kitchen, laundry and home. Their designs are retro-inspired and bring contemporary design to old favourites. Their range of beautifully designed and eco-friendly products are perfect for the eco-conscious person.


Rhicreative is a boutique range of greeting cards, gift tags, calendars, stationery, gift wrap and art prints designed and made in Australia.
Their printed products are on either 100% recycled enviro-board (brown) or white card-stock, which is up to 75% recycled.

Smoothie Bombs

Smoothie Bombs is Australian owned and made. They produce certified organic Smoothie Bombs that boost the nutrition and flavour of smoothies ‚ÄĒ developed by a nutritionist mum to get the good stuff into her fussy-eater-daughter. The smoothie bombs are pre-portioned and combine ten certified organic plant-based ethically sourced ingredients such as superfoods, fruit, nuts and seeds. They are wrapped in a certified home compostable film and packed in a recyclable tube.


SoL Cups is an Australian owned company, born from a desire to make a reusable cup that is plastic-free and safe.  SoL Cups aims to help people move from a throwaway mindset to a more environmentally supportive one. They're portable, convenient, aesthetically pleasing, and infinitely reusable. They only use hand blown glass because the manufacturing process is more sustainable and ethical.

Sow n Sow

Sow 'n Sow Gifts of Seeds are Australian designed, eco-friendly gifts that cleverly combine a greeting card with a packet of seeds to form a gift that grows. They are made in Australia using environmentally-friendly materials, including 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper. Their seeds are non-hybrid, open-pollinated, non-GMO varieties sourced from Australian suppliers. They believe gifting products that don't end up in landfill and their seeds grow into a beautiful flower or herb to enjoy for many months. The packaging is 100% post-consumer waste recycled card, printed in Australia and is compostable and recyclable and the plant labels are also recyclable. The seeds are in kept safe in Australian made recycled envelopes.

That Red House

That Red House is Australian owned and strives for a sustainable, organic, zero-waste, chemical-free, eco-conscious and healthy way of life for all. They aim to inspire and educate people to reduce their chemical exposure, improve their health and save money by using their affordable products. Their soapberries are grown and harvested by communities in the Himalayas, and the income provided by the sale of the shells supports their way of life while promoting sustainable practices. That Red House takes every precaution to ensure that these growers and harvesters receive fair payment and that their work environment is of a high standard. They also support Open Heart International, which is an Australian charity that provides life-changing surgery to women suffering painful and debilitating pain from uterine prolapse and obstetric fistula. They ship their products to Australia by sea to ensure a low carbon footprint. 

That Tea Company

That Tea Company is a small craft tea boutique that creates 100% organic, unique tea blends and herbal infusions. Their teas are hand-blended in Melbourne in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. They are committed to caring about the environment and sustainability, and their teas come packed in biodegradable and compostable pouches. They proudly support and donate a portion of their profits to PANDA.

The Physic Garden

The Physic Garden aims to improve health and well-being on a personal level, as well as protect and restore the environment on a global scale. Their products are Australian made, and they use natural organic and wildcrafted ingredients wherever possible. Their ingredients never include any synthetic, environmentally polluting ingredients. Through their practices, they support growers and communities that are doing right by the land. Their product packaging is primarily glass and aluminium, and they are transitioning to being completely plastic-free.  The electricity they use comes from 100% renewable sources. Every day they strive to reduce their environmental footprint by reducing, reusing and recycling everything they can. They also support the Trees for the Future program.

The Swag

Swag Australia has a range of 100% natural and reusable alternatives to plastic. The Swag keeps fruit & veggies fresh, happy and crisp for weeks - naturally! Their products are ethically made and built to last years. When they finally come to the end of their life, they are entirely compostable with zero impact on the planet or our health. The Swag is part of the waste-free and plastic-free movement. They are also proud supporters of Destiny Rescue. Everything is made ethically in India, and the manufacturer is certified by SEDEX for Ethical Trading practices. SEDEX also review the supply chain and they are an international body empowering sustainable and ethical supply chains.

Tinta Crayons

Tinta Crayons create natural and sustainable crayons that are perfect for little hands. Their fun and unique crayon shapes spark joy and encourage little people with little fingers to have big imaginations! Tinta Crayons are handmade in Australia from Australian organic and sustainably farmed beeswax and non-toxic food-grade pigments. They're safe for children and the environment, and they're free from palm, paraffin, soy, heavy metals, asbestos and other nasties. The crayons even withstand hot little hands and impart beautiful colour. Tinta Crayons also support local suppliers and source all of their 100% recyclable packaging from within Australia.

Two Little Ducklings

Two Little Ducklings is a boutique stationery Australian business specialising in child and baby educational products, greeting cards, gift tags and gift wrap, along with specialty items such as letters to your child pack, milestone flipbook and height charts. Two Little Ducklings was born from the desire to bring innovation and fun to old concepts, creating visually appealing products that are educational as well.

Urthly Organics

Urthly Organics make, in Australia, a range of bath and body soaps and home cleaning soaps, handcrafted from only natural certified and uncertified organic ingredients. They source their ingredients from the grower where possible, and their products are plastic-free, kind to our skin and the planet. Their products never contain SLS, SLES, parabens, fluoride, titanium dioxide, glycols, fragrance oil and mineral oils. They are proudly 100% palm oil and palm derivative-free and endorsed by Palm Oil Investigations and Orangutan Alliance. Urthly Organics sponsor two orangutans through (Centre for Orangutan Protection) and donates around 90 soaps per month to Home Haven Safe (supporting those less fortunate or going through hardship). 

Willow By the Sea

Willow by the Sea makes certified organic mum and baby skincare products in small batches by the beach in Newcastle, Australia. Their products are gentle and safe, use the power of plants and essential oils and are free of any nasties. They only use the highest quality and cruelty-free botanicals, waxes and oils. They also only ever create products they would use on themselves or their family. They are very passionate about global sustainability and seek to use packaging that has minimal impact on our earth. Their outer packaging is 100% recycled post-consumer waste, and their glass bottles are recycled and reusable. They also use biodegradable cellulose bags, and their muslin bags are unbleached organic cotton.


Give thoughtfully, consciously and sustainably, and put a smile on everybody and anybody’s face.