For the Love of Tea Gift Hamper

Bags of gorgeous, organic, fair trade loose tea gifts for the great tea lovers in your life, including reusable tea bags! Whether they’re health-conscious, eco-conscious, tea-drinking connoisseurs, or all of the above, our tea gift hamper is sure to be their cup of tea.

No nasty bleach, plastics or pesticides. Just 100% pure organic, fair trade loose tea gift sets full of soothing and relaxing brews to calm the nervous and digestive systems for better health and a good night’s sleep. And all sourced and blended by eco-conscious Australian businesses that care about the planet and what ends up in your tea-cup. 

It’s a fantastic way to introduce a tea lover to new, organic loose tea brands, blends and flavours. They can even have a go at growing their own herbal tea at home. 

Top them up with a gift hamper full of loose tea gifts for birthdays, milestone events, celebrations, corporate gifts, or just because they need to fill up their cup.

Inside our organic loose leaf tea gift sets

The Swag - Tea Swag Set

These reusable, non-toxic, chemical-free and unbleached cotton Tea Swags replace single-use teabags. They come in a set of four, and the packaging is just a label and string. There's no nasties or plastic, and they're sustainable, compostable, ethically made and fair trade. Plus they're pretty fancy. 

Bush Flower Teas - Lullaby - Small Jar

Getting a good nights sleep is sometimes easier said than done. This organic herbal tisane (also known as herbal tea or infusion) will help soothe and calm the nervous system and relax the mind. All organic ingredients - Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Rooibos, Valerian, Cinnamon and Lemon Peel. 

Bush Flower Teas - Guranse - Small Jar

This green tea has been grown and harvested in the highest area of the Guranse Gardens up to 2000m above sea level in Nepal. Subtly sweet in flavour and similar to a classic Chinese tea but less bitter with a more mineral profile. A great palate cleanser. Australian owned.

Sow n Sow - Chamomile Gift of Seeds

The perfect gift that is both beautiful and useful. Chamomile is a herb with a white daisy-like flower and yellow centre and helps to improve sleep, digestive health, and is high in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and has antiseptic properties. Chamomile produces a pleasant apple scent with its abundance of flowers.

Sow n Sow - Pop Up Pot - Beach

This Pop Up Pot is a foldable pot ready for planting. It assembles with a quick pop and a push. It's designed for direct planting or as a pot plant sleeve and is an exciting addition to any plant lover’s wish list. 


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Earth-conscious gift wrapping

To create a truly earth-friendly gift, the box and wrapping materials we’ve chosen for our For the Love of Tea Hampers are 100% recycled and recyclable, plastic-free, mostly Australian made, and designed for maximum on-trend style and minimal impact on the environment.