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Tea, Coffee and Snack Gift Hamper

Indulge in the Perfect Break with our Tea, Coffee, and Snack Gift Hamper

Looking for a gift that will transport your loved ones to a world of indulgent, sensory delight? Look no further than our Tea, Coffee, and Snack Gift Hamper!

From the rich, velvety coffee to the fragrant jasmine tea, this hamper is the perfect way to take a break and relax with a delicious beverage and a tempting snack.

Our gift hamper is perfect for any occasion, whether you're celebrating a milestone event or simply want to show someone how much you care.

We've carefully selected each product in our hamper for its exceptional quality, flavour, and aroma, so you can be sure that your gift will be truly unforgettable.

Inside our hamper, they'll find everything they need to indulge in a relaxing and rejuvenating break. Our Bun Coffee is a blend of 100% certified organic coffee beans from Central America, Papua New Guinea, and Ethiopia, resulting in a rich, full-bodied espresso with hints of liquorice and caramel in the aftertaste. And for tea lovers, our hand-blended That Tea Company Jasmine Green Tea is a fragrant blend of organic green tea and jasmine, with notes of lemon myrtle, orange, and lemongrass for a refreshing twist.

Of course, a tea or coffee break would only be complete with a delicious snack, and we've got you covered there too. Our gift hamper includes Kitz Living Foods' Coconut Dream Fig Lemon, a nut-free, chewy treat perfect for lunch boxes or afternoon teas. And for the ultimate indulgence, we've included Loving Earth's Hazelnut Mylk Chocolate and Salted Caramel Chocolate, both made with organic cacao and the finest ingredients for a truly divine chocolate experience.

And because we care about the planet just as much as we care about our products, our Tea, Coffee, and Snack Gift Hamper comes with earth-conscious gift wrapping. We use recycled, recyclable, plastic-free, and mostly Australian-made materials to ensure that your gift is as eco-friendly as it is indulgent.

So go ahead and treat someone special to our Tea, Coffee, and Snack Gift Hamper today. With its perfect blend of flavours, aromas, and relaxation, it's the gift that keeps giving.

InsideĀ ourĀ Tea, Coffee and SnackĀ Gift Hampers

Bun Coffee - 100% Certified Organic Coffee - Ground - 250g

This Bun Coffee is a velvety smooth, rich and full-bodied blend of 100% certified organic coffee beans from Central America, Papua New Guinea and Ethiopia. Blended in Australia, it makes a truly superb espresso with hints of liquorice and caramel in the aftertaste.

That Tea Company - The Jasmine Green Tea - 50gĀ 

This delicious and fragrant tea is a blend of organic green tea and jasmine that's perfectly paired with undertones of lemon myrtle, orange and lemongrass. These teas are 100% organic and hand-blended in Melbourne. The tea has a light and refreshing dash of green tea combined with lingering fresh flavours of lemon myrtle and lemongrass.

Kitz Living Foods - Coconut DreamĀ Fig Lemon - 150g

We just had to add the delicious chewy awesomeness of these coconut dreams to our list of top organic food gift ideas. Lemon andĀ Fig combine to give these nut-free treats a sweet, creamy richness thatā€™s simply divine and perfect for lunch boxes and afternoon teas.

Loving Earth - Hazelnut Mylk Chocolate - 30g

This Hazelnut Mylk Chocolate has tasting notes of hazelnut, malt and dried fruit. Made with organic cacao, creamy hazelnuts and evaporated coconut nectar.Ā 

Loving Earth - Salted Caramel Chocolate - 30g

This Salted Caramel Chocolate has tasting notes of butterscotch and salt. Made with a blend of organic virgin cacao butter, cashews, organic evaporated coconut nectar and a pinch of pink lake salt.Ā 

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Earth-conscious gift wrapping

To create a truly earth-friendly gift, the box and wrapping materials weā€™ve chosen for ourĀ Tea, Coffee and Snack Gift Hampers are 100% recycled and recyclable, plastic-free, mostly Australian made, and designed for maximum on-trend style and minimal impact on the environment.