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Love Beauty Tea - Sleep

This calming organic herbal tea helps induce deep restorative sleep.
It has a crisp Chamomile flavour, an antioxidant known to calm restlessness, combined with other relaxing herbs.

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Love Beauty Wellness Tea - Immunity

This energising organic herbal tea helps promote the body's natural defence system. It has a light, uplifting Lemongrass flavour combined with beautiful immune-boosting herbs.

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Love Beauty Tea - Beauty Glow

This Beauty tea is a rejuvenating mix of organic herbs that helps to nourish the body inside and out and promote female wellness. The tea has a light, refreshing peppermint flavour combined with other herbs used traditionally to promote female health.

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Little Wildling Co - Organic English Breakfast

When they need a good strong cup of black tea, Little Wildling Co Organic English Breakfast will save the day. It's organic, smooth, flavoursome and elegantly simple. Great for drinking any time of the day!


Life of Cha - Zzz Sleepy Tea

Zzz Sleep tea is a healthy tea made from a blend of organic herbs known to improve sleep. A delicious and relaxing infusion of organic chamomile, rose petals, spearmint, lavender and lemongrass tea to help create that Zen feeling.