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Plastic-free gift box packaging for minimum impact and maximum style

It’s our mission to bring you a 100% plastic-free gift box that’s on trend. We want you to feel good about what you’re buying. And we want everybody to absolutely love what they’re receiving. So as an absolute minimum, all packaging for our dressed-to-impress hamper is recycled and recyclable.

We put just as much careful thought into selecting plastic-free packaging materials for our 'hamper outfit' as we put into finding the perfect plastic-free gift ideas. We know first impressions count as much as making eco-conscious choices when it comes to gift giving. And like you, we want to vote with our choices, however big or small.

Our search has unearthed some fantastic Australian businesses that produce sustainable packaging materials – from the recyclable, plastic-free gift box ‘suit’, to the fancy-pants tissue paper underwear. And for the most curious and eco-conscious among us, we've detailed our packaging choices below

The Box

Our on-trend plastic-free gift box is 100% Australian-made (in Melbourne) using locally sourced recycled cardboard. It’s also fully recyclable, but many people tell us how much they love to reuse them as handy little storage boxes.

The Ink Design

An incredibly talented Australian graphic artist has created the gorgeous hand drawn design on our plastic-free gift box. All the inks used to print the designs are eco-friendly, solvent-free and applied using environmentally sustainable alternative practices.

The tissue paper ‘underwear’

Gorgeous black tissue paper to keep everything looking flash on the inside and of course, safe during transit. Incredibly no one in Australia manufactures tissue paper! So we've done the next best thing and sourced it from an Australian owned business who sustainably manufactures and designs wrapping paper products. 

The outer wrapping ‘overcoat’

To keep our gift box scuff-free during transit, we wrap them in Australian designed and sustainably manufactured kraft paper sourced from certified sustainable plantation forests.   

And something beautiful inside

Of course, it’s what’s on the inside that really counts. All products in our plastic free gift boxes are eco-friendly, sustainable, nasty-free and made by eco-conscious, innovative Australian businesses that care about the planet and what goes into their products. See Our Brands for more info.


Give thoughtfully, consciously and sustainably, and put a smile on everybody and anybody’s face.
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