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October 03, 2020 5 min read

Find out about the sustainable brands in our gift hampers!

Our eco gift hampers are perfect for anyone and any occasion; they are loved by everyone who gifts or receives one. Great for Christmas gifts, Mother's Day gifts, Father's Day gifts, Birthday gifts, New Baby Gifts, House Warming gifts and so much more.

You'll find these eco-friendly brands in our gift hampers because they're the ones we love. They're the brands we know everybody will love. They've passed our fussy criteria; they're Australian-owned, sustainably and responsibly made, and they're better for us and the planet.

These great sustainable brands are making it easier for all of us to make better choices, and now you can help spread the word by giving thoughtfully and responsibly.

There are so many we've had to split this fantastic brand blog into a five-part series!

Welcome to Part 5!

That Red House

That Red House is Australian owned and strives for a sustainable, organic, zero-waste, chemical-free, eco-conscious and healthy way of life for all. They aim to inspire and educate people to reduce their chemical exposure, improve their health and save money by using their affordable products. Their soapberries are grown and harvested by communities in the Himalayas, and the income provided by the sale of the shells supports their way of life while promoting sustainable practices. That Red House takes every precaution to ensure that these growers and harvesters receive fair payment and that their work environment is of a high standard. They also support Open Heart International, which is an Australian charity that provides life-changing surgery to women suffering painful and debilitating pain from uterine prolapse and obstetric fistula. They ship their products to Australia by sea to ensure a low carbon footprint. 

Find these products in our Zero Waste Home and Home Detox gift hampers. You can also add these to any of our curated gift hampers or build your own gift hamper!

The Physic Garden

The Physic Garden aims to improve health and well-being on a personal level, as well as protect and restore the environment on a global scale. Their products are Australian made, and they use natural organic and wildcrafted ingredients wherever possible. Their ingredients never include any synthetic, environmentally polluting ingredients. Through their practices, they support growers and communities that are doing right by the land. Their product packaging is primarily glass and aluminium, and they are transitioning to being completely plastic-free.  The electricity they use comes from 100% renewable sources. Every day they strive to reduce their environmental footprint by reducing, reusing and recycling everything they can. They also support the Trees for the Future program.

Find these products in our For Mum and Baby, Just for Baby, The Man, Just for HerJoy in the Garden and The Travel Bug gift hampers. You can also add these to any of our curated gift hampers or build your own gift hamper!

The Swag

Swag Australia has a range of 100% natural and reusable alternatives to plastic. The Swag keeps fruit & veggies fresh, happy and crisp for weeks - naturally! Their products are ethically made and built to last years. When they finally come to the end of their life, they are entirely compostable with zero impact on the planet or our health. The Swag is part of the waste-free and plastic-free movement. They are also proud supporters of Destiny Rescue. Everything is made ethically in India, and the manufacturer is certified by SEDEX for Ethical Trading practices. SEDEX also review the supply chain and they are an international body empowering sustainable and ethical supply chains.

Find these products in our Zero Waste Home and For the Love of Tea gift hampers. You can also add these to any of our curated gift hampers or build your own gift hamper!

Tinta Crayons

Tinta Crayons create natural and sustainable crayons that are perfect for little hands. Their fun and unique crayon shapes spark joy and encourage little people with little fingers to have big imaginations! Tinta Crayons are handmade in Australia from Australian organic and sustainably farmed beeswax and non-toxic food-grade pigments. They're safe for children and the environment, and they're free from palm, paraffin, soy, heavy metals, asbestos and other nasties. The crayons even withstand hot little hands and impart beautiful colour. Tinta Crayons also support local suppliers and source all of their 100% recyclable packaging from within Australia.

Find these non-toxic and fun crayons in our Little Kids gift hamper perfect for kids birthdays. You can also add these to any of our curated gift hampers or build your own gift hamper!

Two Little Ducklings

Two Little Ducklings is a boutique stationery Australian business specialising in child and baby educational products, greeting cards, gift tags and gift wrap, along with specialty items such as letters to your child pack, milestone flip book and height charts. Two Little Ducklings was born from the desire to bring innovation and fun to old concepts, creating visually appealing products that are educational as well.

Find these fabulous products in our Little Kids and Big Kids gift hampers great for kids birthday presents. You can also add these to any of our done for you gift hampers or build your own gift hamper.

Urthly Organics

Urthly Organics make, in Australia, a range of bath and body soaps and home cleaning soaps, handcrafted from only natural certified and uncertified organic ingredients. They source their ingredients from the grower where possible, and their products are plastic-free, kind to our skin and the planet. Their products never contain SLS, SLES, parabens, fluoride, titanium dioxide, glycols, fragrance oil and mineral oils. They are proudly 100% palm oil and palm derivative-free and endorsed by Palm Oil Investigations and Orangutan Alliance. Urthly Organics sponsor two orangutans through (Centre for Orangutan Protection) and donates around 90 soaps per month to Home Haven Safe (supporting those less fortunate or going through hardship). 

Find these products in our Home Detox, Just For HerThe ManJoy in the Garden and The Travel Bug gift hampers. You can also add these to any of our curated gift hampers or build your own gift hamper!

Willow By the Sea

Willow by the Sea makes certified organic mum and baby skincare products in small batches by the beach in Newcastle, Australia. Their products are gentle and safe, use the power of plants and essential oils and are free of any nasties. They only use the highest quality and cruelty-free botanicals, waxes and oils. They also only ever create products they would use on themselves or their family. They are very passionate about global sustainability and seek to use packaging that has minimal impact on our earth. Their outer packaging is 100% recycled post-consumer waste, and their glass bottles are recycled and reusable. They also use biodegradable cellulose bags, and their muslin bags are unbleached organic cotton.

Find these safe and natural products in our For Mum and Baby and Just for Baby gift hampers. You can also add these to any of our curated gift hampers or build your own gift hamper!



Give thoughtfully, consciously and sustainably, and put a smile on everybody and anybody’s face.