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Coffee Gift Hampers

Coffee is a far and wide, well-loved beverage, offering an energising and familiar aroma and delicious taste. Too many, it's the non-negotiable morning kick start and afternoon recharge; it's what gets them through the day! For us and many others, it's just the pure enjoyment of a hot strong, and aromatic organic coffee.

The best part is that coffee tastes great and is said to have many benefits, such as helping to improve energy and enhancing focus. It is rich in antioxidants and essential nutrients, and it's said to help lower the risk of type two diabetes and help protect the liver, heart and brain. Coffee is also known to enhance exercise performance! Who needs an excuse to get active anymore!

So, why not indulge your loved ones in one of our organic, fair trade and ethical coffee gift hampers? Everyone from the day-to-day coffee drinker, coffee lover or coffee connoisseur will love it!

Why Choose Our Coffee Hampers?

We've sent out so many coffee gift boxes we're confident that coffee lovers around the nation are starting their days with a latte or espresso made with the essentials in our organic Coffee hampers. They're great for any coffee enthusiast.

Here's why:

  • Our Bun Coffee is organic, fair trade and ethically sourced. We've got an Organic Blend, Australian Grown Coffee or Organic Decaf. Who knew coffee was grown in Australia!
  • Bun Coffee is Australian-owned and based in Byron Bay, and all of their coffee is fair trade and certified rainforest alliance coffee.
  • Our most popular coffee hamper, which we affectionately call "Give Me Coffee Gift Hamper", comes in our stylish and sustainable packaging. Our gift box is entirely recycled, recyclable, and plastic-free. They're even manufactured right here in Melbourne from Australian recycled materials.

To ensure recipients enjoy their coffee at home, work or on the go, we also included in our best-selling organic coffee gift hamper an Australian-designed, reusable and plastic-free SoL Cup. These unique hand-blown glass cups with silicone lid and sleeve are BPS, BPA, and chemical-free. These cups will help them say no to single-use cups!

And that's not all. Because where there's coffee, chocolate must go, we've also added some irresistibly indulgent organic, fair-trade chocolate treats to our organic coffee gift hampers to add guilt-free sweetness to the recipient's day.