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Home Detox Gift Hamper

Transform Your Loved One's Home with Our Home Detox Gift Hamper!

Looking for a gift that will make a big impact? Our Home Detox Gift Hamper is the perfect solution! With our bundle of eco-friendly gifts, you can help your friends and family kick-start their chemical-free lifestyle and transform their home.

We've carefully hand-picked each product, including a compostable dishcloth and simple kitchen, bathroom, and laundry swaps. Plus, our Family Guide to Waste-free Living will take their chemical-free living to the next level.

Each item is made by eco-conscious Australian businesses that deeply care about the health of the planet and their fellow humans. And with our plastic-free, zero-waste packaging, you can feel good about giving a gift that's good for your loved ones and the earth.

Our first chemical-free home detox gift hamper was a hit with our friend as a useful housewarming gift, and we're sure it will be a hit with yours too! Perfect for birthdays, get-well gifts, or as a show of support, appreciation, or positive encouragement, our Home Detox Gift Hamper is the ultimate way to transform your loved one's home and make a difference in the world, one small change at a time. Order yours today and give the gift of health and sustainability!


What’s inside for a chemical-free lifestyle?

A Family Guide to Waste-Free Living - Lauren and Oberon Carter

A Family Guide to Waste-free Living gives all the information, advice, budget-friendly recipes and projects needed to start reducing waste in family life. Lauren and Oberon Carter make it simple and sustainable for families to eliminate waste in the home, at work, at school and out in the world. The book is a practical and inspiring resource for anyone wanting to live more sustainably.

That Red House - Organic Soapberries - 250g

These Organic Soapberries from Australian-owned 'That Red House' are natural and cost-effective alternatives to mainstream laundry detergents. The soapberries are reusable for five loads of washing. They contain natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. They're all-natural, certified organic, and hypoallergenic, making them ideal for sensitive or problem skin.

Urthly Organics - Dish Wash Soap

This eco-friendly dishwashing soap has a fresh and clean scent that comes from the added eucalyptus and lemongrass essential oils. It also contains sodium bi-carb that leaves dishes smelling clean and fresh for a deeper clean. It's plastic-free and palm oil-free.

Urthly Organics - Goat Milk and Manuka Soap

These lovingly handcrafted soaps are made using *olive oil, coconut oil, *cocoa butter, *shea butter, *hemp seed oil, goat milk and manuka honey. The goat milk comes from a small dairy in Northern Victoria, where you'll find the happiest goats who love a pat.

Retro Kitchen - Dish Cloth - Duck

Designed in Australia, these dishcloths add some fun to the kitchen sink! Made from cotton and cellulose, they are super absorbent, machine washable and 100% biodegradable. They can go into the compost or a worm farm when they've worn out.


💡 Add more chemical-free gifts to your home detox gift hamper 


Sustainable Gifting Made Easy with Our Earth-Conscious Gift Wrapping

Make your gift-giving as eco-conscious as possible with our Earth-conscious gift wrapping! Our Home Detox Gift Hampers come wrapped in recycled and recyclable materials, with no plastic in sight. Our stylish wrapping options are mostly Australian-made, ensuring your gift is on-trend and environmentally responsible. Give a gift that makes a difference to your loved ones and the planet. Choose our Home Detox Gift Hamper and feel good about your gift-giving choices.