Dinosaurs Rock Kids Gift Hamper

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For the tiny but big dinosaur enthusiasts in your life because they know that Dinosaurs Rock!

This Dino box of fun inspires learning through creative play, with plastic-free and screen-free eco gifts for children aged 1 to 4.

Every one of these eco toys is designed and made in Australia from sustainably sourced and natural materials. So all your searching for plastic-free kids toys and zero waste kids gifts ends happily ever after, right here.

Makes great gifts for 1, 2, 3 or 4-year-old birthdays, new sibling celebrations, big family trips or just because they're a special little person.


Take a peek inside our Dinosaurs Rock Kids Gift Hamper

Two Little Ducklings - Prehistoric Snap and Memory Cards

A set of 26 brightly coloured and illustrated flashcards that are great for developing memory and visual speed skills!  Proudly Australian made and printed on environmentally friendly paper. 

Rhicreative - Card Games for Kids

Five kids card games from one pack of forty cards! The games include Memory, Fish, Snap, and more. They're also great to use as flashcards or to take when travelling.  

AnaMalz - Tyrannosaurus Rex

T-Rex is the friendliest of dinosaurs, and he's ready for some good old fashioned play. He has a long green fabric tail that bends, a soft green neck, two huge nostrils and a big adorable head. He's completely lovable!

Tinta Crayons - Dino Mountain crayons

A set of six natural and sustainable dinosaur crayons handmade in Australia from beeswax. The pack includes green Tyrannosaurus Rex, red Stegosaurus, orange Triceratops, blue Diplodocus, black Pterodactyl and yellow Trachodon! These fun shapes will inspire little people with little fingers to have big imaginations.  

Happy Hands Happy Heart - Lemon Playdough - Junior Jar

All-natural, lemon-scented, play-dough.  Made with natural products, and colours and scents from fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and essential oils. 

Happy Hands Happy Heart - Junior Rolling Pin

The perfect rolling pin to roll out Happy Hands Happy Heart natural play-dough. This rolling pin is handmade from recycled and reclaimed timbers and is ideal for encouraging fine motor skill development.  

Happy Hands Happy Heart - Person Cookie-Cutter

The perfect cookie-cutter to use with Happy Hands Happy Heart natural play-dough. This person cookie-cutter is excellent for inspiring creative play.    

Happy Hands Happy Heart - House Cookie-Cutter

The perfect cookie-cutter to use with Happy Hands Happy Heart natural play-dough. This house cookie-cutter is excellent for inspiring creative play.  

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Earth-conscious gift wrapping

To create a truly earth-friendly gift, the box and wrapping materials we’ve chosen for our Little Kids Gift Hampers are 100% recycled and recyclable, plastic-free, mostly Australian made, and designed for maximum on-trend style and minimal impact on the environment.