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Planet Earth : Inspirations and Thoughts from a Planet Warrior - Bob Brown

Inspirations and thoughts from a planet warrior

In his first speech in the Senate, Bob Brown raised the threat posed by climate change. It has taken ten years for politicians to finally begin to acknowledge the causes and effects of climate change.

Since 1996, Bob has continued to take a courageous, and often politically lonely stand on issues around the saving of our planet whether they have a local or international focus. Saving Tasmania’s ancient forests, opposing the dumping of nuclear waste in Australia, protesting against Japanese whaling, the protection of rainforests and a host of other campaigns.

In 2010 Bob led the Australian Greens to a historic result with more than 1.6 million Australians voting for the Greens. In 2012 Bob stepped down as Leader of the Australian Greens, and then retired from the Senate. Since then he has continued to campaign on conservation issues across Australia and the world.

This book is both an inspiration and a call to action. Bob's words are a clear message on the issues facing our planet, yet his positive approach is an inspiration to us all.

Hard Cover

About the Author
Bob Brown was born in Oberon, New South Wales and moved to Tasmania in the 1970s. He worked for many years as a medical practitioner and was a founding member and director of the Wilderness Society. From 1983 to 1993 Bob served in Tasmania's House of Assembly and was elected in 1996 to serve on the Australian Senate. He has won many awards, including the 1987 United Nations Environment Program Global 500 Award, and the 1990 Goldman Environmental Prize. In 1996 the BBC's Wildlife magazine named him the World's Most Inspiring Politician. Bob also founded Bush Heritage that currently has 8.86 million hectares under conservation management. Through the Bob Brown Foundation, he continues to support campaigns to protect ecosystems, species, and wild and scenic heritage. Bob has published several books, including his memoir, photographic books and poetry books.