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SoulPops - Honey with Cinnamon - Single Pack - 25g

    SoulPops - A Harmonious Blend of Delight and Conscious Indulgence

    Embark on a sensory journey with SoulPops - Honey and Cinnamon Single Pack, where the extraordinary blend of Certified Organic Ceremonial Grade Peruvian Cacao meets the comforting allure of Queensland Honey and Organic Cinnamon.

    As they unwrap this delightful gift, they're not just opening a package but indulging in a mindful experience crafted with care. SoulPops offer a rich, flavorful journey that narrates a story of meticulous craftsmanship and pure delight, making each sip an exquisite moment to savour.

    Enhancing the appeal is the eco-conscious touch of a sustainable bamboo stirrer and biodegradable wrappers, ensuring that preparing a cup of SoulPops becomes a pleasurable and eco-friendly ritual, whether in the comfort of their home or on the go.

    Engaging with SoulPops is a graceful, uncomplicated process. Just add hot water and gently stir until fully dissolved. Smooth, deep, and delicious, the flavour of SoulPops Cacao will stay with them long after their ritual is complete.

    Perfect for any occasion ā€“ birthdays, celebrations, or thoughtful gestures ā€“ SoulPops are the epitome of an ideal gift. Unwrapping the joy of SoulPops means indulging in the rich taste and healthful benefits of cacao and making a conscious choice for both the recipient and the planet. These delightful treats are vegan-friendly, ethically sourced, and additives-free, embodying a commitment to sustainability and thoughtful consumption.

    SoulPops go beyond being a mere treat; they are storytellers with every sip. The narrative woven is one of care, craftsmanship, and pure delight. Gift more than just a product; gift an experience that lingers, leaving an enduring impression on the fortunate recipient. Embrace the joy of giving with SoulPops - the perfect gift that transforms every moment into a celebration of flavour, consciousness, and well-being.

    All Natural Ingredients

    Certified Organic Peruvian Whole Bean Criollo Cacao, Queensland Honey and Certified Organic Ground Cinnamon (Cinnamonum Zeylanicum).Ā 


    SoulPops Singles: Nourishing Organic Cacao On-the-Go with Biodegradable Wrappers

    SoulPops, now featuring new biodegradable wrappers, bring the nourishing essence of certified organic Cacao to your fingertips. Individually wrapped and hand-crafted onto a bamboo stirrer, SoulPops offer an on-the-go ritual of simply adding hot water and stirring until fully dissolved. The flavours, including Honey and Cinnamon or Canadian Maple Syrup, are 100% plant-based and crafted with a commitment to health and sustainability. Beyond a delightful treat, Cacao's heart-healthy benefits, mood-boosting properties, and spiritual significance make SoulPops a unique journey for body, mind, and soul. The SoulPops journey, founded by Lauren Jordan and Natalie Winter, weaves together a tale of friendship, purpose, and the shared belief that the wonders of Cacao should be accessible to all, offering a mindful and intentional wellness experience in every pop.