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Sweet Nutrients - Chocolate Brownie Bliss Ball Mix

Sweet Nutrient's Chocolate Brownie Raw Treat Mix: A Delectable Gift of Guilt-Free Indulgence

Surprise your favourite chocolate enthusiast with Sweet Nutrient's Chocolate Brownie Raw Treat Mix – a delightful gift that effortlessly combines convenience with wholesome goodness. This mix empowers them to craft delectable raw chocolate brownies in under 10 minutes, simply by adding water – no baking required! These brownies are the perfect snack for a post-workout boost, an afternoon delight, or an after-dinner indulgence.

Infused with raw organic cacao, these brownies offer a burst of antioxidants and essential micronutrients like iron and magnesium for optimal brain health. The mix is so irresistible that your recipient won't be able to resist keeping these delightful treats all to themselves!

The process is easy and mess-free – give them the joy of mixing, shaping into balls or slices, and savouring a guilt-free chocolate experience. Sweet Nutrient's Chocolate Brownie Raw Treat Mix is a delightful gift for those who appreciate the fusion of sweet indulgence with health-conscious choices.

Make their day even sweeter with this unique and convenient gift, showcasing the joy of homemade treats enriched with the goodness of raw, organic ingredients. Treat them to the indulgence of Sweet Nutrient's thoughtful and delicious Chocolate Brownie Raw Treat Mix.


Cashew Meal, Organic Desiccated Coconut, Pure Date Syrup, Organic Raw Cacao Powder (6%), Acacia Fibre, Ground Vanilla Powder, Himalayan Rock Salt, Organic Maca Powder, Monk Fruit Extract. 



Contains cashews. It may contain traces of other Tree nuts, Fish, Sesame, Soy, Eggs and Dairy.

Sweet Nutrients: Naturally Nourishing Your Sweet Cravings

Sweet Nutrients, an Australian business owned by women, transforms snacking with its delectable, wholesome, and naturally sweet treats. Originating from a passion for delightful flavours and nutritional well-being, the brand strives to make healthy snacking enjoyable and transparent.

Formulated by founder Dee, Sweet Nutrients treats boast high-quality, organic, and plant-based ingredients, ensuring they are free from dairy, refined sugar, and hidden additives. This commitment to purity guarantees guilt-free indulgence that satisfies sweet cravings and boosts energy.

Beyond taste, Sweet Nutrients emphasises sustainability by utilizing 100% compostable wrappers for Bliss Balls and recyclable kraft cartons for Raw Treat Mix. The brand's dedication extends to environmental causes, with $2 donated to ReforestNow for every online sale, supporting reforestation efforts.

With values centred around quality, sustainability, and integrity, Sweet Nutrients encourages you to nourish your body with 100% natural, plant-based products. Step into a world where each bite satiates your sweet tooth and contributes to a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.