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Two Little Ducklings - Kids Wellbeing and Affirmation Cards

Support Kids' Wellbeing: Explore Two Little Ducklings' Affirmation Cards for Resilience and Positive Mindset!

Introducing Two Little Ducklings - Kids Wellbeing and Affirmation Cards, a transformative tool designed to nurture resilience and cultivate a positive mindset in children from an early age. Crafted with care, these 32 double-sided cards are proudly made in Australia and printed on eco-friendly paper.

Unlock a world of emotional intelligence and well-being with the diverse features of this pack:

  • Twelve Thought-Provoking Question Cards: Encourage children to approach their day with a fresh perspective, fostering critical thinking and resilience.

  • Twelve Mindfulness Activity Cards: These engaging activities empower children to practice mindfulness, promoting emotional well-being and enhancing self-awareness.

  • Eight Feeling and Emotion Cards: Help children navigate and articulate their emotions, covering a spectrum from anxious and bored to calm, frustrated, happy, lonely, sad, and scared.

  • Thirty-Two Positive Affirmation Cards: Elevate and inspire young minds with affirmations that encourage, support, and instil confidence.

These cards are recommended for children aged five and above. They are a valuable resource for instilling positive habits. They can be introduced to younger children with adult supervision, creating an opportunity for shared learning and growth.

Immerse your child in a journey of self-discovery and positivity with Two Little Ducklings - Kids Wellbeing and Affirmation Cards, where every card is a step towards building a resilient and empowered young mind.

    Two Little Ducklings: Inspiring Learning and Creativity with Boutique Educational Stationery

    Two Little Ducklings is a distinctive boutique stationery brand dedicated to crafting educational products, greeting cards, and letter-writing packs with a modern and playful twist.

    Nestled in Melbourne, Australia, Two Little Ducklings is more than just a business—it's a small family venture founded by Jacinta in 2012. Inspired by the joy of becoming parents for the first time, Jacinta, alongside her husband Ashley and their three children, embarked on a creative journey to bring unique designs to life. Each product is a testament to their shared experiences and the encouragement of their loved ones.

    With Jacinta's extensive graphic design background spanning over 20 years, Two Little Ducklings prides itself on creating and illustrating every design in-house. Their commitment to sustainability shines through, as all products are proudly manufactured in Melbourne using environmentally friendly paper.

    Two Little Ducklings doesn't just design products; they curate experiences. Drawing inspiration from their own children's interests, their educational flashcards aim to inspire young minds, while their letter packs serve as a canvas to create and preserve cherished memories.

    Step into the world of Two Little Ducklings, where innovation meets tradition, and every product is crafted with passion. Bring the joy of learning and creativity into your home by exploring and enjoying our inspiring range with your children.

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