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Urthly Organics - Shaving Soap

Give the Gift of Ethical Grooming with Urthly Organics Shaving Soap - Sustainable, Vegan, and Australian Made!

Are you looking for a unique and sustainable gift for the man in your life? Look no further than Urthly Organics Shaving Soap! This luxurious soap is made with love using a blend of coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, macadamia oil, hempseed oil, and jojoba oil, all of which work together to create the perfect slip for a close, smooth shave.

Urthly Organics Shaving Soap is not only great for the skin but also for the planet. It's Australian-made and certified palm oil-free by Orangutan Alliance, so you can feel good knowing you're supporting ethical and sustainable practices. Plus, it's endorsed by Palm Oil Investigations, so you can trust that it's a high-quality product that meets strict sustainability standards.

This shaving soap is scented with a blend of lavender, lemon myrtle, bergamot, aniseed, and cedarwood essential oils, making it a delight for the senses. It comes in a convenient size perfect for travel, so your man can enjoy a great shave no matter where he goes.

If you're looking for a sustainable and luxurious gift, Urthly Organics Shaving Soap is a perfect choice. With its high-quality ingredients, ethical production practices, and delightful scent, it's sure to impress the man in your life. So why wait? Order now and give the gift of a great shave!


Join the Sustainability Revolution with Urthly Organics - Your Ethical Skincare Choice

Urthly Organics is a soap-making company that prioritizes the planet over profit. They are committed to sustainability and ethical practices that positively impact the environment and society. They offer a range of values-driven products and services, including palm-free and vegan options, cruelty-free products, support for small and local businesses, and a focus on sustainability and community support. The company achieved impressive accomplishments in 2021, such as planting trees to offset their carbon footprint, sponsoring orangutans, and donating soap to local charities. They have set ambitious goals for 2022, including reducing general waste, increasing customer participation in refilling and recycling, and donating more soap to charity organizations. Urthly Organics aims to change the skincare and cleaning product game for good, and they invite feedback and engagement from their customers.

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