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February 16, 2023 2 min read

As parents, we want our children to spend time outdoors, learn, and have fun. In today's world, screens and technology have taken over, and children spend more time indoors than sometimes desirable. One of the best ways to encourage kids to spend time outside is by giving them sustainable kids gifts that are non-toxic, educational, inspiring, and back to nature. Here are some of the best sustainable kids gift ideas that little ones will love.

Non-Toxic Art Supplies 

Art and craft are excellent ways for kids to express themselves, and thankfully there are plenty of non-toxic art supplies that are safe for children and the environment. Things like non-toxic markers, crayons, paint, and even play dough are made from natural and sustainable materials are perfect.

We love non-toxic play dough coloured with safe plant-based dyes and scented naturally. Play dough encourages creative and sensory play and its heaps of fun!

Garden Seeds 

Encourage children to learn about the environment and sustainability by giving them garden seeds. Plenty of organic and heirloom seed varieties are safe for children to plant and grow. Children will have fun watching their plants grow and learn about the importance of growing and harvesting their food and creating bug and bee friendly gardens.

We love the beautiful Enchanted Garden and Bug Wonderland seeds from Sow n Sow. They're colourful, delightful and a great for attracting wildlife.

Flash Cards 

Flashcards are a great way to teach children about all sorts of things, including the environment, animals, fruit and vegetables, and wellbeing. Flashcards are educational and fun and are a great, engaging activity that facilitates learning in children. Flashcards made from recycled materials and non-toxic inks are the best and most sustainable choice.

We love the flashcards from Two Little Ducklings. These cards are fun, inspiring, Australian-made, and printed on environmentally friendly paper. Our favourite are the Kids Wellbeing Affirmation Flash Cards.

Card Games 

Card games are a fun way to spend time with children. Eco-friendly card games made from recycled materials and soy-based ink are the best choice.

We love the Card Game Set from Rhicreative. They're Australian-made and printed on recycled paper. They are lots of fun, and are there 5 games in one pack of cards!

Wooden Toys 

Wooden toys are a great alternative to plastic toys. They are durable, long-lasting, and non-toxic. These toys are both safe for children but also environmentally friendly. Wooden toys such as building blocks, puzzles, animals and cars are some of the things that can be made from sustainably sourced wood.

We love the super cute wooden toys from Anamalz. They're Australian owned, designed and made with non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials. Our favourite is Lion! Lion is strong and fierce and a great reminder to their owner that they are also strong and fierce.


Sustainable kids gifts are a great way to encourage children to spend more time outdoors, learn, and have fun. Choosing sustainable kids gifts positively impacts the planet while encouraging children to be more aware of their environmental impact.


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