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February 17, 2023 3 min read

If you're looking for a unique and thoughtful gift for someone who loves spending time in the garden, look no further than a gardening gift hamper. Packed with a variety of Australian brands and items, these hampers offer the perfect selection of tools and products to help your giftee achieve their gardening goals.

But what makes these gardening gift hampers so special? Well, they offer a unique and personalised approach to gift-giving. Each hamper can be tailored to the recipient's preferences, whether a beginner or an experienced gardener. Plus, the items within the hamper are all handy and practical, so you know they will be put to good use.

We've curated some fabulous gift hampers, especially for garden lovers and aspiring gardeners, or you can create your own. Here are some gift ideas to include in a gardening gift;

Insect Repellant Candles

Insect-repellent candles are a unique addition to any garden gift. These candles are perfect for keeping those pesky bugs at bay, allowing them to garden peacefully without unwanted interruptions.

We love the Good Riddance Tropical Candle. Its scent is fresh and vibrant. It's non-toxic, phthalate-free and made in Australia.

Garden Seeds

Garden seeds are essential to any gardener's toolkit, and a wide variety is available, including flowers, herbs, fruit and vegetables. They'll be creating bird and bug-attracting gardens, edible or ornamental gardens with their seeds.

We love the range of seeds from Sow n Sow and Urban Greens. They're easy and fun to grow. Some of our favourites are the Sow n Sow Trio of Herbs, Sow n Sow n Sow Leafy Greens and Urban Greens Bee Friendly Flowers Seed Balls.


For something extra special and unique, how about a botanical journal. Journals are great for tracking what has been planted, where and when, and how it's doing. A gardening journal can be a valuable tool for both beginners and experienced gardeners, providing a record of what works and doesn't.

We love the gorgeous Botanical Journal by Notely. It feels luxurious, its quality is premium, and it's made in Australia using recycled paper. And it gives any gardening gift that special touch.

Skin Balms

Bug balm and lip balm are excellent self-care additions to any gardening gift. These are essential items for anyone spending time outdoors. They help protect against insect bites and moisturise and protect the skin while they enjoy their time in the garden.

We love Bug Balm from The Physic Garden. Its great for the skin, smalls great, its sustainable and Australian made.

Garden Hand Tools

A Gardening gift hamper is only complete with a selection of hand tools, such as hand trowels and forks. These tools are essential for planting and maintaining a garden and are sure to be appreciated by any gardener.

We love the wide garden trowel and garden fork from Garden Tools Australia. These ergonomic tools are lightweight, robust and won't rust, so they'll have them in their garden essentials for years and years to come. These tools are also made in Australia, used by professionals, and endorsed by Landcare groups.

Pop Up Pots

And for something a little different and exciting, pop-up pots. Pop-up pots are an innovative and practical product great for growing plants from seed in a space-saving and easy-to-use way. We love the stylish pop-up pots from Sow n Sow. It's great for creating little gardens in small spaces such as window sills, balconies and apartments. They also look fabulous around any size house.

Gardening Books

And a gardening book is an excellent source of inspiration and information, helping them to learn new skills and tips.

We love Costa's World - Gardening for the Soil, the Soul and the Suburbs by Cost Georgiadis, Australia's most well-known host of ABC TV's Gardening Australia.

Gardeners Soap

A bar of high-quality gardener's soap will add a special touch to a gardening gift. Gardening can be messy, and soap designed to help clean up after a day of digging, planting, and pruning is invaluable. Gardener's soap is typically made from natural ingredients like olive oil, coconut oil, and shea butter. It often includes added exfoliants like oatmeal or pumice to help remove dirt and grime. It's gentle on the skin, making it perfect for use after a day in the garden.

We love Urthly Organics Gardener's Soap. It smells terrific, removes dirt easily, is certified palm oil free, and is made in Australia.

A gardening gift hamper is a fantastic choice for anyone who loves spending time in the garden. Garden gifts are personal, practical, and unique, making them perfect for any occasion.

Surprise your loved one with a gardening gift hamper today!